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Our vision and philosophy as a company is to stay true to our values of innovation, quality and exceptional service to all our customers.

Since our beginnings, which date back to 1922, our brand Luis Thate, has followed the philosophy of manufacturing its products in the original German style, maintaining the tradition of the “Haute Charcuterie”.

Luis Thate continues to enjoy an excellent presence in the market, and as a family business, we take pride in the work done, and the dedication of the entire team in the desire to make the best products and keep our customers at the forefront of everything we do.

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In Luis Thate we elaborate our products in modern facilities, with advanced machinery and resources, always keeping the traditional elaboration style.


Our range of products are elaborated with the highest quality and flavors to delight the most demanding palates.


With our love and dedication we achieve a unique product, whose flavor contributes to achieve a differentiating product for our customers.

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